Get your recommended dose of authentic Buffalonian!

Authentic Buffalonian was founded to outfit fashion savvy Buffalonians and others who share our same values. Authentic Buffalonian is committed and driven to evolve into a full-fledged civic pride fashion powerhouse, boasting a wide range of clothing, accessories and headwear. We combine hip, sophisticated styling with the highest standard of quality. Authentic Buffalonian proudly offers original designs that are as unique and cutting-edge as the individuals who wear them.

We take the civic pride that is harnessed within the city and apply it to our apparel.
Genuine + Passion + Pride

Buffalonians give their city its unique spirit, its passion to celebrate, and its creative vigor. They lift others up with laughter, peace, nourishment, and authentic hard work. They make us proud to call this town our home. They are authentic Buffalonian!

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