About Us

Authentic Buffalonian is an apparel company that started in Buffalo, NY. Our mission is to take the Buffalonian civic pride that is harnessed within our city and apply it to our apparel.

Wearing aB apparel is a way for anyone from any city to make a statement of not only who you are but what you believe in. Our apparel is designed to help create an impact on the change, revitalization and rebirth of a city.

Almost everyone wears screen printed hoodies and t-shirts. It's one of the main tools people have of harmlessly communicating their passions and eccentricities. At the same time, graphic hoodies and tees have become a mass-produced, commercial product. With Authentic Buffalonian apparel we are focused on putting the meaning back in the hooded sweatshirt, t-shirt and cap, to enable people to engage in conscious rather than conspicuous consumption, celebrate the local, and connect to your community, wherever you might be.

Authentic Buffalonian is committed to developing an iconic lifestyle brand. We will never sacrifice substance for style. The aB brand will continue to evolve, expanding its collection on quality, style, and fashion, always staying true to the core components of the brand.

Wear it well… when you rock an aB, you're supporting and representing authenticity and the Buffalo spirit!

We hope our apparel helps spark some dialogue, as we all share in the luster and spirit that is life.